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About us

About us


Twyning Consultancy, a company providing support for the food and drinks industry with over 15 years of experience, focusing on food safety, hygiene and quality management. Our main objective is to support the needs of your company with practical and well thought out support so your business can develop and grow in a responsible and consistent way.

Based in Gloucestershire but covering Europe, we provide consultancy, coaching, training and auditing as means of creating a positive and constructive food safety environment.

We aim to support the growth of your operations by engaging with employees, suppliers and providers both swiftly and reliably.

We dedicate and pride ourselves in offering your company with clear, helpful, hands on and supportive service tailored specifically to your business requirements.

Areas of support we can help

Areas of support we can help


      • A fresh pair of eyes to identify gaps or areas for improvement in preparation for external/internal auditing
      • Technical support when a robust food safety management is needed due to business growth
      • Discuss ways to improve of develop food and drinks processing facilities
      • Construct a plan to reduce customer complaints via root cause analysis
      • Improvement in standards of cleaning, food safety and hygiene
      • Working with your management team in building a food safety culture so  employees become fully engaged in working towards promoting safe food
      • Support in reviewing existing production areas and providing solutions for optimisation of hygienic design, activities and layout of operations
      • Hygienic design advice when renting or purchasing food manufacturing equipment
      • Use of our knowledge and experience to complement raw and packaging material quality control, by supporting the investigation of defects on site and at your suppliers’ site. This is an important aspect when looking to receive compensation towards losses, create a mutual plan for enhancement of material supplied and ensure the quality of service supplied is constantly being optimised
      • Tailored training and coaching in technical areas such as food safety, hygiene and supplier quality management.

Ways we work

Ways we work with our customers


• Treat your product as our own
We use all our knowledge and experience with every enquiry and project to ensure that the gaps that need covering are highlighted even if not our area to make sure the success of the project.

• Honest and constructive feedback
Each opportunity to support companies is met with pride, honesty and hard work. We work with the business to find areas in need of improvement, looking for constructive ways to implement proactive activities, increase team work and sharing examples of similar success stories. Simply put: we won’t just show you the problem, we will work with you to find a solution.

• Pragmatic, solution driven approach
With many projects, time is of the essence. We work closely with our clients to ensure a balanced approach is used so the product quality and safety is upheld whilst providing short, medium and long-term strategies, with plans to support the increase of food safety standard is consistent and sustainable.

Contact us

Contact us


We’re here to help you in any way we can.

If you’d like to get in contact with us simply give Mariane Hodgkinson a call, send an email or complete the enquiry form below.

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